Set the heat. 10 rules that must be observed in the bath

Our ancestors, who did not have a central water supply house, went to the bathhouse stably and often. Now for us bath procedures are more a tradition, a way to relax and strengthen the body.

To enjoy and benefit from the process - the bath needs to be visited correctly. And the rules - we will tell below.

Keep a diet

Do not overload in the bathhouse and in the process, and do not drink alcohol before visiting. An ideal option is a light snack so as not to feel hunger. 

Take bath accessories

If you go to a paid bathhouse of an expensive class - all accessories can be given on site. If not, take with you: 

· A cap (and not rubber for the pool, but a special one for the bath) - so as not to overheat;

· Changeable linen;

· Towel;

· Rubber slippers. 

What else can you take: soap, pumice for feet, washcloth. 

Take time

It is recommended to take about 2-3 hours to bath procedures themselves (if without gatherings in the company of friends). This is enough to change clothes, swim, go into the steam room several times, swim in the pool and rest after the procedures. 

However, after the bath you may feel pleasant tiredness and hunger. Therefore, it is better not to plan important and difficult cases (such as carrying furniture, repairs, going to the gym) on the same day. 

Do not hurry

The body can tolerate too sharp a temperature difference. However, it is unlikely to bring pleasant feelings and benefits if you are a beginner. Therefore, it is recommended to bathe smoothly: 

· In the first run - sit up to 5-10 minutes on the lower shelf;

· Open the door and gradually increase the temperature;

· From the second approach - rise higher, and you can try to sit longer (the main thing is not through force!);

· Breathe calmly with your mouth open (so as not to burn the nasopharynx).

If you feel any discomfort or deterioration of health (dizziness, difficulty breathing, weakness, circles before your eyes, increased heart rate) - immediately exit the steam room.

Do not use makeup

Any - from decorative (mascara, lipstick, foundation) to hygienic (skin cream). You need to enter the steam room with clean skin - since the products that make up cosmetics can become dangerous from high temperatures. 

Have a good rest between visits to the steam room

Running out of the steam room into the ice hole is only good if you are not a beginner. 

The first trip to the bathhouse is better not to experiment like that. After exiting the steam room, stand under a warm shower, then just sit for 5-10 minutes. You can drink some cool (not icy) water or tea, or take a quiet swim in the pool. 

Remove jewelry

A common mistake among beginners is to go into the steam room with a chain and get burned about it. When you sit, leaning forward - the chain will hang freely and become very hot. When you stand up or change your pose, the heated metal will touch the skin. There may not be a burn, but the sensations are unpleasant. 

Therefore, remove the chains, bracelets, rings, and leave them in the locker room. 

Cook the broom right

In a paid bath, it is usually prepared for you. If not, it is advisable to soak it 1 hour before visiting the steam room. 

For this: 

· Oak, maple or eucalyptus broom - put in hot water;

· Birch or lime - in the cold. 

... and use it correctly

It is recommended to whip with a broom from the second entry into the steam room. To do this, he is raised to the ceiling (there is a couple more) for a few seconds. Then - lightly (so that the skin and muscles get used to) they lash over the body. Ideally, do it together: one person lies on a shelf, the second one works with a broom, and then they change. 

Finish the procedure correctly

For the first time, 2-3 visits to the steam room will be enough. After that, you need to take a cool shower and rest for 5-10 minutes. It is advisable not to wipe the towel, but rather just dry it. 

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