Choosing the best spa program

If you don’t know what to give the woman, pay her the procedure in the SPA salon.

There are several tens of types of procedures. They can be divided either by the method of application (for example: massage, wrapping, scrubbing), or by the area of the body. We will choose the second option. 

Hair treatments

If you want to strengthen your hair, you can be offered: 

· Scalp massage - to relax and to improve hair growth;

Applying masks, compresses (usually this procedure is combined with shampooing with shampoo and balm);

· Washing with special shampoos and balms, which are selected individually, depending on the color and condition of your hair (when washing, the skin is usually also massaged);

· Hot wrap - is done to strengthen brittle and dry hair;

· Lamination - covering each hair with a thin film, due to which the hair looks smooth and shiny, and also receive additional protection. 

Such procedures are especially recommended for girls who have hair problems: they are too brittle, dry, oily, split, fall out, or if you often color and wash them. 

Facial treatments

The fastest age and condition of the body affects the skin of the face. 

What can be done in the cabin: 

· Massage, manual or hardware;

· Cleansing masks;

· Moisturizing procedures: sonophoresis, ceramide treatment;

· Scrubs and peels;

· Selection and application of special hygienic cosmetics: creams, lotions. 

Procedures for its restoration are always selected individually. Ideally, the selection should be done by a dermatologist. 

Body treatments

The most pleasant type of service is body care. Some procedures are used for relaxation and pleasure. Others - to improve the condition of the skin.

What procedures do in SPA salons: 

Massages of various techniques - from general relaxing to anti-cellulite;

Peeling with salt, coffee, seaweed, extracts, oils;

· Visiting the steam room, jacuzzi;

· Taking aromatic baths with herbs and oils;

· Wraps with different components: chocolate, honey, mud, clay, herbs, algae, flower petals. 

Hand and foot treatments

The list is about the same as for the body. Only massage techniques can be used by others, and additionally a manicure or pedicure and finger care is done. 

Comprehensive programs

To relax as much as possible, it is recommended not to be limited to any particular procedure, but to visit them comprehensively. 

You can make up both your own complex and choose the program that is offered in the SPA salon. Usually in such establishments there are ready-made sets of procedures. 

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