The temperature in the bath

To visit the bath turned out to be useful for the body - a certain temperature regime and humidity must be maintained in the steam room.

To visit the bath turned out to be useful for the body - a certain temperature regime and humidity must be maintained in the steam room. 

These indicators differ in different types of baths: 

· In a Russian bath maintain a temperature of about 50-60º and a humidity level of 40-70%;

· Turkish hammam - the wettest: air humidity can reach 100%, and the temperature can be around 50º;

· Finnish saunas are hotter and drier: the temperature here is kept in the region of 90-110º, and the humidity is about 10-15º. 

To maintain optimum temperature and humidity - it is very important to build a steam room correctly. The main rules for arranging Russian steam rooms are as follows: 

1. The ceiling height should be 2.4-2.5 m high, and the size of the room - on average 2.5x2.5, not less. 

2. To prevent steam from absorbing into the wood, the ceiling and walls must have a vapor barrier. One of the common materials for its creation is Penofol (foamed polyethylene with a layer of foil that reflects heat): it retains steam indoors, preventing moisture from passing on.  

3. The oven in the steam room should be closer to the door. Between the stove and the wall - should remain about 70-80 cm. 

4. It is recommended to use a furnace with closed stones and a minimum heat transfer of the walls (their temperature should not exceed 90º). If the stones are open, it is more difficult to maintain the temperature: the heat from them will quickly overheat the air. 

5. To maintain humidity, you need to periodically open the door of the stove and pour water on the stones. Upon contact with a hot surface, moisture instantly evaporates, turning into steam, which leaves through an open door to the steam room. This is where the phrase “succumb to steam” came from: it means a request to splash water on stones. 

6. The steam room door should be low. This is done as the steam rises to the ceiling of the steam room, and lingers there. If the doorway was high - when the doors were opened (to enter or exit the steam room), the steam would easily go outside, and the temperature and humidity inside would decrease. 

7. To disperse steam from the ceiling in the steam room, special webs are used. To do this, ideally, 2 people are needed: the first one pours water on stones, the second one waves a fan, "lowering" the steam from top to bottom, to the shelves. 

8. It is advisable to use an alcohol thermometer to measure temperature. Mercury - require a more careful attitude, because if such a thermometer breaks, the steam room will have to be cleaned for a long and expensive time, calling a special service. 

Since it is necessary to maintain the temperature and humidity in the steam room of the Russian bath, this process requires skill. In addition to splashing water on stones and working as a fan, a bathhouse attendant should usually be able to work and broom. 

After visiting the steam room and whipping with a broom, the procedure can be completed by jumping into an ice hole (if it’s winter outside and the bathhouse is on the shore of a reservoir) or just into a cold pool, or pour cold water on it. 

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