How not to harm yourself in the steam room?

For our people, going to the bathhouse is a tradition. The steam room is visited just for pleasure, and for the prevention of colds, and to strengthen the immune system.

For our people, going to the bathhouse is a tradition. The steam room is visited just for pleasure, and for the prevention of colds, and to strengthen the immune system. 

However, going to the bathhouse can also hurt - if you have contraindications, or if you take a steam bath incorrectly. The therapist and cardiologist Elena Burinskaya spoke in detail about the rules for visiting the steam room.

Who should not steam?

People who have: 

· Diseases of the cardiovascular system;

· Any chronic diseases during exacerbation;

Hypertension, especially if the pressure is high (more than 180/100). 

And also for people over 70 - since the elasticity of blood vessels in old age is no longer as good as in youth, and with a sharp change in temperature, they may not have time to narrow or expand. As a result, you can get a heart attack or stroke. 

Is it possible to steam with hypotension?

Yes, it is possible, and even useful if you are under 50 years old. A sharp drop in temperature is a kind of training of the heart and blood vessels. 

The main limitation is that with hypotension you cannot jump from the steam room into ice water.

The temperature regime needs to be changed more smoothly: first, under a warm shower, then a couple of minutes to rest at room temperature, then you can go into the steam room for 1-2 minutes (lie down on the lower shelf), and at the end - stand for 1-2 minutes under a contrasting cool shower without pressure. Then - you can repeat it. 

What rules should be followed by beginners?

Ideally, you need to start with a trip to the therapist to identify possible contraindications. 

If they are not there, it is advisable to visit the steam room for no longer than 5 minutes, and do 2-3 calls. You shouldn’t be active in the steam room: we are calmly lying on the lower shelf. If we are sitting, then we don’t lower our legs to the floor, but keep them on a bench. And be sure to put on a hat so as not to overheat from a habit. 

Between trips to the bath, it is advisable to take breaks - for 5-7 days. 

Can I moisturize my skin with creams?

It is possible and necessary, but only after the bath. 

When we visit the steam room, the pores on the skin open and toxins exit through them. If you apply a cream, the oily layer will clog the pores, and the benefits for the skin will disappear. Moreover - some products are simply not designed for too high temperatures, so it is not recommended to enter the steam room with cream applied. 

Should I use brooms?

If you visit a Russian bath, it’s definitely worth it. With their help, the dead upper layer is removed from the skin, and the muscles relax. This is especially useful for diseases of the musculoskeletal system, since the relaxation of the muscles will help remove the pain. 

What can you eat and drink?

It is definitely impossible to eat enough: you will feel discomfort and a general deterioration in well-being. Therefore, going to the bathhouse on a full stomach will definitely not bring pleasure and benefit. 

After bathing procedures - eat as much as you like, especially if you swim in the pool. It is recommended to have a snack with fresh, low-processed foods. 

When going to the bathhouse, it is advisable to drink tea with honey, vitamin teas, kvass, fruit drinks, mineral water without gas, and brine. Beer and other alcohol are extremely undesirable and even dangerous. 

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