Fitness bar

Sports nutrition products for quick recovery between workouts.
Ration - the basis of a beautiful and
healthy body

Our body receives the necessary substances through food and water. Therefore, it is important to monitor the diet and consume foods containing vitamins, minerals, proteins and carbohydrates.

Nutrition - important component of human life

The vital functions of the body are associated with nutrition. It is a source for the development of tissues and cells, saturating a person with energy.
Wrong diet can harm the human body

A wide range of sports nutrition products

A variety of tastes

Training accessories

We offer only health things

Beauty and health depend on training and proper nutrition. We offer to attend workouts in our complex, and then enjoy a protein shake, fresh juice or smoothie in our fitness bar.


Spacious hall with all necessary equipment

Workout classes

Group programs for any level
of training


Improves joint mobility and heals the spine


Good physical condition and basic self defense skills

Fitness bar

Sports nutrition products for quick recovery 

Big swimming pool

The most natural way to give the body the necessary physical workout

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